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Thu 31 Mar 11
We're on a freshness drive at NationMaster. No old stat is safe. We know you want to rely on us for the most recent stats on the net. That's why we've updated our crime stats based on a UN-affiliated 2011 report, including data on rapes and robberies. We've also got figures for car production for 2010. We applaud the World Bank's open data initiative, and we're currently working to import all that too, ensuring that the language is accessible as possible. Videos: I just did a search on YouTube and found these reviews. It's great to see the site represented in a visual form. Check this NationMaster overview in English and this review of NationMaster in Spanish.

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Tue 1 Mar 11
Announcing the launch of perhaps our most useful feature yet. We find similar sentences to those in Wikipedia, complete with their citations for you to paste into your essay. It's the easy way to branch off to find authoritative sources and relevant quotes to deepen your research. Check it out at The Full Wiki.

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Fri 1 Oct 10
We are trialling some hot new features at The Full Wiki. You said it's easy to get lost in Wikipedia. We heard you and now have breadcrumbs. And our quizzes are more fun with "What's this picture?" type questions. Like with this Lady Gaga quiz. We also have interesting facts listed on the right hand of articles in our Did you know? section.

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Wed 8 Sep 10
The Full Wiki has released its most interactive feature: quizzes on 44,000 topics. We use Wikipedia as our source to what we believe is the largest quiz source in human history.
How much do you know about volcanoes? Or Racism in Asia? Or take our comprehensive United States quiz. Find out how much you know about Tourism. Test your knowledge on hanging and serial killers. Or the relationship between alcohol and cancer. If this all makes you sad, try our sadness quiz. Or if this is all boring you, perhaps you should take our boredom quiz. It's all still in beta but check out our full list of quizzes.

Tornado Quiz

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Fri 23 Jul 10

All you stat lovers out there, check out our new site, The Full Wiki. It allows you to monitor global trends by seeing what's hot on Wikipedia. We've combined Wikipedia traffic data with their categories, to create 13,000 what's hot lists. Updated daily.

Some interesting examples from today's trending topics: Find out what countries spike the world's interest in all kinds of areas like prostitution and racism. Or check out other hot lists like top internet memes, top hoaxes in the US and biggest mysteries.

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Mon 11 Jan 10

Our new site, The Full Wiki has brought together Google Maps and Wikipedia. Now you can view any article on Wikipedia with all the locations mentioned on a Google Map.

You can see at a glance where most of the activity in the Renaissance happened, namely Europe and primarily in Italy. Where are the world's tornados? Or volcanos? Heat waves? Nuclear power plants? The map and the article are linked throughout. Click on a map marker and it jumps to that part of the article. Click on an article marker and it will show you that location on the map. See for example our tourism fact map. If we click on Bangkok (Q), for example, we can see the relevant part of the article and learn that it's the third most visited city in the world. Or zooming into Europe and clicking on Nice, Wikipedia tells us it was one of the first and best established resorts in the French Riveria. Some more examples:
  • See what happened all around the world in 1945.
  • See where the drug trade is carried out.
  • Barack Obama has the most international background of any recent US president. See it mapped.

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Wed 15 Apr 09
From the makers of NationMaster comes a new project aimed at harnessing the wealth of content of wikis. It's called the The Full Wiki. Its goal is to become a platform for an enriched user experience for wikis using open licenses. We have seen many fantastic projects come and go under the weight of traffic spikes, large datasets and the need to stay fresh. We want to provide serious hosting resources to make these projects feasible. If you have a wiki oriented project you'd like us to host or provide other help, check out The Full Wiki.

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Mon 29 Sep 08
Due to ongoing growth, we are now hiring for full time web developers. If you'd like to work on NationMaster and other free research sites, we would love to hear from you.

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Mon 6 Nov 06
Wikipedia-Watch.org owner, Daniel Brandt has published a report showing widespread plagiarism in Wikipedia. A more sophisticated methodology could be used here. One idea that has just hit me would be using archive.org and the Wikipedia history function to discover phrases that appeared on other sites first. This could be all automated. But such activity should be applauded. Whatever people may speculate about Daniel Brandt's motives, the same thing could have been done by a Wikipedian with the same positive effect: as an open system that assimilates criticism, it will learn and evolve from negative press out there. And as a fast moving encyclopedia, it can react quickly to address the problem.

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Wed 12 Apr 06
StateMaster, a free online resource for comparing US states, has been released today. We have translated our winning formula of statistical comparisons, graphs, maps and flags to the 50 states of America, giving our users another level of data at their fingertips. With over 2,500 stats on StateMaster, you can find information on anything from binge drinkers to race related hate crimes. Detailed state profiles, as well as thousands of maps and flags, are also included in the database, making us a one-stop resource for information about US states. Visit StateMaster Now! Keep in mind that our Volunteer Editor program will also be implemented for StateMaster, bringing together a community of folks interested in data and general information on US states. Let us know if you are interested!

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