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Developer For the specific role of developers in Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Administrators. A developer can be one of: A software developer, one who programs computers or designs the ... of a systems analyst. A real estate developer, one who builds on land or changes ... new purpose or to better effect. Photographic developer is a chemical, often a mixture ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Developer - 1k - Cached - Similar pages

Developer (Creatures wiki)
Developer Third-party developers produce addons in one ...
http://creatures.wikia.com/wiki/Developer - 0k - Cached - Similar pages

Developer   (translated from Japanese)
Developer Developer(Developer) With, (Mainly photograph)DevelopmentIt is the liquid ... processCopy machineIt is the powdered magnetic substance. ->Developer Wet processLaser printerIt is the liquid for toner conveyance. ->Developer Forest buildingAnd old Financial group SystemReal ...
http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/デベロッパー - 2k - Cached (Japanese) - Wikipedia (Japanese) - Similar pages

Developer   (translated from German)
Developer Those Developer (also Developer mentioned) has the task, which latent pictures ... react. During the development procedure oxidiert the developer, D.h. it delivers electrons, which of ... materials are contained in the film. Admitted developer Black-and-white developer As entwicklersubstanzen ...
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entwicklerflüssigkeit - 3k - Cached (German) - Wikipedia (German) - Similar pages

Developer   (translated from German)
Developer Developer stands for: a person the something developed, see Entwicklungsingenieur , Software developers and Play developer a chemical in the photography, with which ... on film or paper becomes visible, see Developer This side is one Begriffsklaerung to the ...
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entwickler - 1k - Cached (German) - Wikipedia (German) - Similar pages

Developer   (translated from French)
Developer One developer is one data processing specialist who programs ...
http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Développeur - 8k - Cached (French) - Wikipedia (French) - Similar pages

Developer   (translated from Dutch)
Developer Developer has several meanings The chemical spul to ... the different meanings and of the term Developer. On this page stands an explanation of the different meanings of Developer and references daarnaartoe. Have you arrived here ...
http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ontwikkelaar - 1k - Cached (Dutch) - Wikipedia (Dutch) - Similar pages

Developer   (translated from Spanish)
Developer developer it is computer science that it programs ...
http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desarrollador - 5k - Cached (Spanish) - Wikipedia (Spanish) - Similar pages

Play developer   (translated from German)
Play developer Play developer (English game more developer) a person or a company is, itself ... G.A.M.E., Computer game hobby developer, Computer game companies Web on the left ... Game designer Association Maintenance software forum Office - Developer Conference Games Convention in Leipzig GameDev. ...
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spieleentwickler - 12k - Cached (German) - Wikipedia (German) - Similar pages

Perfect Developer
Perfect Developer Perfect Developer is a formal methods tool for developing ... company Escher Technologies Ltd. External links Perfect Developer Escher Technologies
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfect_Developer - 1k - Cached - Similar pages

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