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Epictetus Epictetus (c.55–c.135) was a Greek Stoic ... epiktetos in Greek simply means "acquired." Life Epictetus spent his youth as a slave in ... freedman of Nero. Even as a slave, Epictetus used his time productively, studying Stoic Philosophy ... sometime between 89 and 95. It was Epictetus' exile by Domitian that began what ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epictetus - 9k - Cached - Similar pages

Epictetus   (translated from Dutch)
Epictetus Epictetus (Greek?????????) were a stoical philosopher from the ... Stoa , a school founded in by him. Epictetus have written itself nothing, but to be ...
http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epictetus - 1k - Cached (Dutch) - Wikipedia (Dutch) - Similar pages

Talk:Epictetus The suggestions that Epictetus would love the wikipedia are biased, and ... been removed. However, the statement is true; Epictetus would have loved wikipedia :) I added a ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Epictetus - 0k - Cached - Similar pages

Enchiridion of Epictetus
Enchiridion of Epictetus The Enchiridion, or handbook of Epictetus, was written in 135 A.D. The ... be found at http://classics.mit.edu/Epictetus/epicench.html.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enchiridion_of_Epictetus - 0k - Cached - Similar pages

Talk:Enchiridion of Epictetus
Talk:Enchiridion of Epictetus All the word enchiridion means is 'handbook ... since I've read the Enchiridion of Epictetus, but isn't it longer than this ... external link to the text (Enchiridion of Epictetus) seems to have gone bad. :-( Wesley
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Enchiridion_of_Epictetus - 2k - Cached - Similar pages

... was owner, educator, and perhaps father of Epictetus of Hierapolis, a Stoic philosopher(8) taught by Musonius Rufus. Epictetus is quoted a hundred times in the ... The assertion that Epaphroditus may have been Epictetus' father seems completely eccentric. There is nothing ... support such a speculation. The assertion that Epictetus is quoted in the New Testament (a ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epaphroditus - 8k - Cached - Similar pages

... Aurelius, Cato the Younger, Dio Chrysostom, and Epictetus are associated with Stoicism. In Cicero's ... 135–51 BCE) Late or Roman Stoa: Seneca, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius The idea was to be ... personalities, such as Cato the Younger and Epictetus. Stoicism's influence on Christianity Although Stoicism ... Christianity. Quotations Collection of various Stoic quotes: Epictetus: “Wherever I go, it will be well ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stoicism - 31k - Cached - Similar pages

User:Venerable Bede
... especially the Stoic school as espoused by Epictetus). I dabble in politics a bit and ... the Japanese History articles must be congratulated. Epictetus In honor of my ongoing love affair ... added significant amounts of new info on Epictetus Peter the Venerable My Second foray in ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Venerable_Bede - 5k - Cached - Similar pages

... on-topic is: Courage Under Fire: Testing Epictetus's Doctrines in a Laboratory of Human ... 135–51 BCE) Late or Roman Stoa: Seneca, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius Apollomelos 04:28, 13 Apr ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Stoicism - 34k - Cached - Similar pages

A Fury Scorned (Memory-alpha.org/en wiki)
... about to go nova, the people of Epictetus III face annihilation. Although the USS Enterprise ... scientific experiment that could save all of Epictetus III, or doom both the planet and ... Geordi LaForge [edit] References Federation Council; Starfleet; Epictetus III Previous TNG novel:Infiltrator NovelsPocket TNG ...
http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/A_Fury_Scorned - 2k - Cached - Similar pages

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