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Haringvliet The Haringvliet is a large inlet of the North ... Numansdorp, the Hollands Diep splits into the Haringvliet and the Volkerak estuaries. It is closed ... Goedereede from the North Sea by the Haringvliet sluices , which provide a road connection between ... allow for a brackish ecological environment. The Haringvliet estuary contains the island of Tiengemeten , ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haringvliet - 1k - Cached - Similar pages

Haringvliet   (translated from Dutch)
Haringvliet Haringvliet is former sea arm of Noordzee , Zuid ... in the south. In 1970 became the Haringvliet within the framework of Deltawerken by Haringvlietdam ... worth to Hellegatsplein runs Haringvlietbrug. In the Haringvliet the island lies Tiengemeten. Spui ends in ... natural coast and this way arose it Haringvliet. Furthermore country-inward it arose Dutch ...
http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haringvliet - 4k - Cached (Dutch) - Wikipedia (Dutch) - Similar pages

Stad aan 't Haringvliet
Stad aan 't Haringvliet The town centre (darkgreen) and the statistical district (lightgreen) of Stad aan 't Haringvliet in the municipality of Middelharnis. Stad aan 't Haringvliet (51°44′N 4°15′E) is ... Hellevoetsluis. The name means City on the Haringvliet. In 2001, the town of Stad aan 't Haringvliet had 1068 inhabitants. The built-up ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stad_aan_'t_Haringvliet - 1k - Cached - Similar pages

City to t Haringvliet   (translated from Dutch)
City to t Haringvliet The village, seen as from the Stadse bunting City to t Haringvliet a village that is part determines of ... inhabitants (1 January 2005). The position to Haringvliet turn the village into an appetite plaster ... site municipality Middelharnis Webportal city to t Haringvliet
http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stad_aan_'t_Haringvliet - 2k - Cached (Dutch) - Wikipedia (Dutch) - Similar pages

User:Solitude/Delta Works
... Delta Works, the Haringvlietdam closes of the Haringvliet, protecting Goeree-Overvlakkee , Voorne Putten and the ... to swim in and out of the Haringvliet when all the sluices and locks are ... with construction of the sluices. As the Haringvliet is the endpoint for the large rivers ... the dam should not close of the Haringvliet and would have to be able to ... can be closed, closing of the entire Haringvliet. For the third phase, the technique ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Solitude/Delta_Works - 19k - Cached - Similar pages

... a modern, lively place. Situated on the Haringvliet with the sea, beach and dunes close ... in abundance. Following the construction of the Haringvliet locks, the Haringvliet is ideal water for surfing and sailing ... a broad expanse of water as the Haringvliet and the North Sea close by, it ... place for water sports lovers. Logically, the Haringvliet is being used increasingly for national ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hellevoetsluis - 13k - Cached - Similar pages

Dutch diep   (translated from Dutch)
... basin : - km² Of: Nieuwe-Merwede Amer To: Haringvliet Volkerak Flows by: Zuid-Holland Willemstad the ... the Dutch diep splits up itself in Haringvliet and it Volkerak . On this point is ... in the dunes and had arisen the Haringvliet (name since 1315). Around 1250 reached water ...
http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollands_Diep - 3k - Cached (Dutch) - Wikipedia (Dutch) - Similar pages

Hoeksche worth   (translated from Dutch)
... Dordtsche chilly of Island of dordrecht. Broad Haringvliet and it Dutch diep to form the ... afterwards became still what gorzen along the Haringvliet and the Dutch diep bijbedijkt. In the ... counterfoils of country became bedijkt , mainly along Haringvliet and it Dutch diep. Almost all dikes ...
http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoeksche_Waard - 7k - Cached (Dutch) - Wikipedia (Dutch) - Similar pages

Haringvlietdam   (translated from Dutch)
... of Delta works. The dam closes it Haringvliet finished and lies Voorne-Putten (North) and ... the rivers Rijn and Maas in the Haringvliet do not end up, could the Haringvliet without more be concluded. For this reason ...
http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haringvlietdam - 2k - Cached (Dutch) - Wikipedia (Dutch) - Similar pages

List forts, fortifications, citadels and fortified towns in the Netherlands   (translated from French)
... of the mouths of the Meuse and Haringvliet (Stellingen van of monden van of Maas in van het Haringvliet) (1874) Hellevoetsluis Brielle Strong C$op of ...
http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_de_forts,_fortifications,_citadelles_et_places_fortes_aux_Pays-Bas - 9k - Cached (French) - Wikipedia (French) - Similar pages

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