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Underpants   (translated from Japanese)
Underpants Underpants (pants) With the clothing which are learned ... distinguish, there are also times when the underpants of the underwear especially are called the "under underpants". 1980 age Panty(Panties)Was general, but ... time "sound is disagreeable", that doing, "the underpants" it became many to be used. ...
http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/パンツ - 2k - Cached (Japanese) - Wikipedia (Japanese) - Similar pages

Underpants   (translated from Spanish)
Underpants underpants (it receives the denomination of trousers, baggy ... socks, medias (stockings), calzones , calzado ... Types of underpants: Traditional underpants, now called to boxer. Type pantalón short ... of boxers , of there its name. Long underpants. One is the old stockings, without ...
http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calzoncillo - 3k - Cached (Spanish) - Wikipedia (Spanish) - Similar pages

Over underpants   (translated from Japanese)
Over underpants Over underpants shorts and wear underpants , also the over shorts are called. It ... bloomer - and the spats and the marshmallow underpants etc. hit to this. It is mainly ... many, wearing the spats and the marshmallow underpants which in addition have elasticity even ...
http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/オーバーパンツ - 3k - Cached (Japanese) - Wikipedia (Japanese) - Similar pages

Hot underpants   (translated from Japanese)
Hot underpants Hot underpants(Relieved the ぱ it is) With ... Related item short pants This item "Hot underpants"There is a possibility of becoming reference ...
http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ホットパンツ - 2k - Cached (Japanese) - Wikipedia (Japanese) - Similar pages

Half underpants   (translated from Japanese)
Half underpants レーダーホーゼン (traditional leather make semi- pants of ... district, with the name, Lederhose the half underpants of the skin makeAdultManTraditionAs the clothes it ... devise as, with name of the half underpants spread in young person culture.Long pantsThe ... In a manner of speaking the half underpants are the design which is made on ... for making the opportunity where the half underpants spread worldwide, NBA uniform it is ...
http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ハーフパンツ - 9k - Cached (Japanese) - Wikipedia (Japanese) - Similar pages

The Underpants
The Underpants The Underpants is the most recent adaptation of the ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Underpants - 0k - Cached - Similar pages

Captain Underpants
Captain Underpants Captain Underpants (book one) cover The Captain Underpants series, by Dav Pilkey, is a series ... they made up which they called Captain Underpants, hence the name. This character is named ... hypnotize Mr. Krupp to act like Captain Underpants. To their consternation, from then on ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Underpants - 6k - Cached - Similar pages

Underpants gnomes (Uncyclopedia.org wiki)
Underpants gnomes Underpants Gnomes are again a major topic of ... their recent coup. One theory for the Underpants Gnome is that a magic curse randomly ... class) Unlike thier bretherin the Lawn Gnome, Underpants Gnomes are always cute and cuddly. This little fella often springs up from underpants drawers saying, "Heeere's Johnny" (Which ...
http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Underpants_gnomes - 4k - Cached - Similar pages

The windbreaker underpants   (translated from Japanese)
The windbreaker underpants The windbreaker underpants nylon make orPolyesterMake it does with smooth ... from on long pants such as sweat underpants.
http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ウインドブレーカーパンツ - 1k - Cached (Japanese) - Wikipedia (Japanese) - Similar pages

Category:Captain Underpants
Category:Captain Underpants Articles concerning Captain Underpants. Pages in category "Captain Underpants" There are 7 pages in this section of this category. Captain Underpants A The Adventures of Captain Underpants A cont. Captain Underpants and the ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Captain_Underpants - 1k - Cached - Similar pages

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