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Angela Merkel
... state in 1871. Background German elder statesman Helmut Kohl visiting his former protégée Angela Merkel in ... became Minister for Women and Youth in Helmut Kohl's cabinet. In 1994, she was made ... build her political career. As one of Kohl's protégées and his youngest cabinet ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angela_Merkel - 39k - Cached - Similar pages

Union (Germany)   (translated from Dutch)
... concluded from the bus, and with that. Helmut Kohl bring rest In the middle of then ... the LEADER of CDU and Union, Dr. Helmut Kohl , use of the growing tensions within spd -FDP government under the guidance of Helmut Schmidt . By a ' constructive fog mourning ...
http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_(Duitsland) - 11k - Cached (Dutch) - Wikipedia (Dutch) - Similar pages

Federal state government by Rhineland-Palatinate   (translated from German)
... environment and forests, Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Helmut Kohl Those Prime Minister since 1946: 3. December ... 1976 : Dr. phil. Dr. h. C. mult. Helmut Kohl , CDU 2. December 1976 - 8. December 1988 ... Meier V - Cabinet old Meier VI - Cabinet Kohl I - Cabinet Kohl II - Cabinet Kohl ...
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landesregierung_von_Rheinland-Pfalz - 8k - Cached (German) - Wikipedia (German) - Similar pages

Josef Ertl   (translated from German)
... this office then also among Federal Chancellors Helmut Schmidt . After the break of the social ... Federal Ministers back. After the choice of Helmut Kohl to the Federal Chancellor Ertl stepped to ... Cabinet Schmidt II, Cabinet Schmidt III, Cabinet Kohl I Secretary of Agriculture that Bundesrepublik Germany ... SPD) | Alexander Moeller (SPD) | Karl Schiller (SPD) | Helmut Schmidt (SPD) | Josef Ertl (FDP) | Walter ...
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josef_Ertl - 11k - Cached (German) - Wikipedia (German) - Similar pages

Talk:Left Party (Germany)
... it's wrong. Might as well move Helmut Kohl to Helmut Cabbage *grumble*. But on the other hand ... try and follow the most common usage. Helmut Kohl to Helmut Cabbage - now that's ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Left_Party_(Germany) - 67k - Cached - Similar pages

1999 CDU contributions scandal
... donations while under the control of Chancellor Helmut Kohl in the 1990s. This issue had been ... weapons dealer Karlheinz Schreiber in 1991. Although Kohl initially denied knowledge of the donation or ... contributions, and in a December television interview Kohl admitted to have illegally accepted several million ... not name the donors. On 18 January, Kohl resigned his post as honorary chairman ...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1999_CDU_contributions_scandal - 6k - Cached - Similar pages

Germany in 20. Century   (translated from German)
... in the course that Guillaume affair back. Helmut Schmidt became Federal Chancellor, Walter cross-eyed ... coalition. At the 1. October 1982 becomes Helmut Kohl by a constructional vote of no confidence ... History of the Federal Republic of Germany Helmut Kohl After the reunification for the first ...
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deutschland_im_20._Jahrhundert - 56k - Cached (German) - Wikipedia (German) - Similar pages

History of the Federal Republic of Germany (since 1990)   (translated from German)
... item History of Germany . Table of contents Helmut Kohls chancellor shank in reunited Germany Helmut Kohl Third term of office To 14. October ... Elections to the Bundestag the government by Helmut Kohl in the office. The Greens create ...
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geschichte_der_Bundesrepublik_Deutschland_(seit_1990) - 27k - Cached (German) - Wikipedia (German) - Similar pages

Rhineland-Palatinate   (translated from German)
... SHIFT:(25,5) color:CDU text:Dr. Helmut Kohl from:1976 till:1988 SHIFT:(25,5 ... 1976 : Dr. phil. Dr. h. C. mult. Helmut Kohl , CDU 1976 - 1988 : Dr. phil. Bernhard Vogel ... 1976-->: Dr. phil. Dr. h. C. mult. -- >Helmut Kohl-->, CDU -- >1976--> - -- >1988-->: Dr. phil. -- > ...
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rheinland-Pfalz - 58k - Cached (German) - Wikipedia (German) - Similar pages

Strategic Defense initiative   (translated from German)
... To 18. April 1985 Federal Chancellor gives Helmut Kohl (CDU) in a Regierunsgserklaerung the fundamental agreement ... an open letter at Federal Chancellors lean Helmut Kohl to 3. July 1985 over 350 scientists ... of the Federal Cabinet of Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl into the USA, in order ...
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strategic_Defense_Initiative - 7k - Cached (German) - Wikipedia (German) - Similar pages

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