Thu 31 Mar 11

We're on a freshness drive at NationMaster. No old stat is safe. We know you want to rely on us for the most recent stats on the net.

That's why we've updated our crime stats based on a UN-affiliated 2011 report, including data on rapes and robberies. We've also got figures for car production for 2010.

We applaud the World Bank's open data initiative, and we're currently working to import all that too, ensuring that the language is accessible as possible.

Videos: I just did a search on YouTube and found these reviews. It's great to see the site represented in a visual form. Check this NationMaster overview in English and this review of NationMaster in Spanish.

by Lonye D. Hall on Fri 3 Jun 11
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by tasha on Sat 22 Oct 11
i would like to know if the u.s. is the leader in violent crimes of developed countries and why.

by mohammadi on Tue 14 Feb 12
rate of crime in iran

by opeyemipeter on Sun 18 Mar 12
want to know d crime land

by Yau Jibrin Jahun on Fri 20 Apr 12
I'am a research student from B.U.K. Kano

by michael on Thu 24 May 12
crime is a problem in every country. i don't think it will ever be curbed..

by Tracy on Wed 18 Jul 12
I found it interesting that there seems to be more corruption and crime in Socialist countries, of course we are up there too, but wasn't expecting Canada and Switzerland or Denmark to be high.

by WinLee on Sat 21 Jul 12
"i would like to know if the u.s. is the leader in violent crimes of developed countries and why. " it's in the middle of the pack. most of the violence is due to the large number of minorities living in the US. 95% of all violent crime is committed by minorities in the US.

by John Knight on Fri 27 Jul 12
Why is the data for terrorism deaths or rates or incidents not available?

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