PRESS RELEASE: Qwika search engine now indexes 1158 wikis in 12 languages


4th April 2006
Budapest, Hungary


Qwika search engine now indexes 1158 wikis in 12 languages

Qwika, a search engine designed specifically for searching wikis, has today included an additional 1,144 wikis and 21,964,380 articles in its index. This brings the site much further to its goal of indexing all wiki content.

These wikis span an wide array of topics including travel, music, genealogy, trains and games. They provide a level of detail that would not be considered encyclopedic in Wikipedia. Most are hosted at Wikia, recently renamed from WikiCities.

"A wide range of approaches and perspectives is available within these wikis" explains Luke Metcalfe of Rapid Intelligence, founder of the site. "Thousands of communities are cropping up around the web and coming together to create knowledgebases for their field. We at Qwika are bringing them all together in a single search".

This new inclusion covers all wikicities in all supported languages (currently 12). Qwika was launched 17th February allowing you to search Wikipedia machine translated content to and from English.

About Rapid Intelligence

Rapid Intelligence is a web and search technology company. Its other titles include FactBites, featured in BusinessWeek, a search engine/encyclopedia hybrid that provides point form topic summaries as results, and NationMaster, the world's largest database for comparing countries online, which has received warm reviews from CNN, the BBC, The New York Times and the American Library Association. URL:


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